Becoming an ICF dealer can take your construction business to the next level. Whether you are a general contractor or are currently an ICF installer, becoming a dealer requires more responsibility and knowledge but offers a lot more business as well. Dealer responsibilities: 

  • Ability to warehouse products and keep an inventory on hand for customers and installers
  • Offering a solution for bracing: OSHA approved alignment systems for rent or purchase must be available by every ICF dealer
  • Technical Support: A dealer’s obligation is to make sure the installer or the home-builder has everything they need to see success with ICFs. This means being available on site for technical support and overseeing that the job is executed properly. Afterall, it’s your name on the line.
  • Willing to travel and distribute products in a larger area: Dealers cover a territory, this means more travel and more logistics such as shipping, hauling and transporting. This also means a larger area to grow your business and build relationships. Spread your wings and spread the word about ICFs!

Interested In Dealing ICF?



Dealers are an important part of ICF education and distribution. We want to help dealers in any way we can at ICFBase. Our database and network of ICF professionals is here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get started becoming a dealer today.