The ICF industry is a fast growing community. There are a number of ICF manufacturers that produce outstanding products and deliver them on time and at a fair price. However, the ICF industry has a shortage of certified, professional installers. That is why we want to help you become one!

Certification and training is fast, easy and affordable. Just like ICFs! As a wood framer or a concrete specialist, you are specialized. Whether your company’s forte is formed, poured in place walls, CMU, or stud framing, ICFs are right for you. With ICF construction you aren’t forgetting your skills or trading them in for new ones.

In fact, when building with ICFs, the skills you have acquired in construction are your greatest assets. Being familiar with concrete wall systems or wood framing will help immensely in learning ICF construction. Setting form work, doing layout, setting rebar, plumbing walls, and even framing out window openings are transferrable skills when moving into ICFs. The system is logical, simple and proven. It is a way to offer your customers a superior product to build their custom home or development with. Built out of the most advanced technology available in structural concrete development, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) are constructed from recycled polypropylene plastics and EPS foam comprised of poly styrene granulated beads. They make versatile, lightweight building blocks composed of over 98% air and water and about 2% recyclable plastics. When building with the form, rebar is first placed in the plastic webs between the styrofoam. Concrete is then poured into the center of the block creating a pre-insulated, structurally sound and durable wall. This innovative way of building provides a development that will stand strong through the test of time. There’s also a large push both in the industry and in legislation to start building in a more sustainable way. Tradesmen will get left behind if they are unable to offer solutions to the energy requirements and new building codes. ICFs are the solution for a better building envelope. So don’t wait, start growing your business and accelerate into the future of building by becoming a certified ICF installer today! 

Interested In Installing ICFs?