ICFs Are AIA Accredited
Today’s 21rst Century architects now have a game-changing tool at their disposal in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction. This innovative style of construction has been accredited by the American Institute of Architects, and with good reason.
ICF has been officially accredited by the Institute for its ability to provide durable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient buildings. Currently, AIA focus is honing in on green construction techniques, reduced carbon footprints, and material sustainability. ICF design provides a comprehensive solution to all of these concerns.

ICF- A Superior Wall System For Green Construction
“Nothing is faster than ICFs and nothing can even come close to their advantages and benefits,” according to GNP, a mid-Atlantic commercial construction company specializing in ICF. The company goes on to explain that there simply is no superior wall envelope system available today in the building materials market.
These are the very characteristics which empower the ICF architect. With superior R ratings, ICF designs can incorporate energy-saving technologies that “provide an ultra-efficient, high mass, high strength, and extremely durable building shell”, according to this report at Quadlock.

Spanish Villas, French, or American Style? Designer’s Choice
Wall design has never been so versatile. ICF allows for a wide spectrum of wall thickness and sizes, any of which can be easily varied to suit multiple areas of any project. The forms are prefabricated, so there is no need to alter the construction method in order to accommodate differently sized walls. ICF technology is readily available to accommodate all styles of commercial or residential buildings.

Universal Accessories
Universal plastic webbing allows for easy rebar placement and can be used for any angle, ranging from standard 90 and 45-degree corners to radiused forms able to facilitate any exotic angle the architect chooses to enhance their design. Foam end caps as well as door and window buck replace LSL or wood window buck, creating a continuous insulation membrane even around openings, leaving no exposed concrete or wood. Universal, pre fabricated ties, are used to synch the formwork together and can run horizontally or vertically using the same accessory. This eliminates the need for tie wire and saves big on labor time.

LEED and ICF Award Winning Designs
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Focus on energy savings, environmental impact, and healthy community and home projects make ICF designs the perfect candidates for LEED certification of sustainability achievement.
With ICF architects can expand their creativity, earn LEED points, and help save the planet one green building at a time.

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